Ethno Village of Huns: a journey into the history of Kazakhstan

18 Sep 2015

We invite you on an amazing journey to the country of nomads and boundless steppes - Kazakhstan. We invite you, not to the noisy and dusty city, but to the beautiful Novokamennoe gorge where "The Huns" recreation center is located (35 km away from Almaty).

The project "Huns" is a journey to the past, where the nomads - ancestors of Kazakh's lived. You will learn more about the customs, way of life, culture and traditions of nomadic people.

The Huns Ethno Village offers you to spend a night in yurts with nomadic era interiors or in yurts with the "modern facilities" – comfortable, cozy houses with all the necessary amenities for living in the mountains.

You will experience: welcoming in national traditions, tasting of the Kazakh national cuisine, watching the Kazakh national game Atpen Audyraspak, horseback riding, a master class on making felt. You listen to the musicians playing the national instruments, see the famous art of riding (acrobatics on horseback), watch the eagles hunting show with falcon-Balaban. In summer time you can also have archery and cycling. 

The Huns Ethno Village is a great place for outdoor excursions during an incentive tour.